Gambling in Austria is still legal, but more or less strictly regulated. More or less, because it used to be even stricter. Today, the legislation has slightly weakened the control over entertainment establishments of such a plan. In Austria it is possible to differentiate between traditional casino games from the so-called “Kleines Glücksspiel”, that is, “light gambling” (with a limited amount of money on a bet involved).

Recent studies have shown that the number of online gaming clubs and bars with slot machines over the past 15 years are being built equally in all important communities in Austria. Most of them can be found in poor urban areas. In the case of Salzburg, these game bars are located in the train station area and in the Lehen area. These places are usually popular with immigrants and are generally not particularly recognized by tourists. The endless debate about the reduction in the number of such institutions does not stop, and the Green party is struggling with them most actively. Parties pay little attention to this issue, and this is suspicious, as it seems that large gambling companies simply have close ties with the heads of large parties, which allow them to continue the business. But let’s not get into politics! Not our business!

But about the casino is worth telling, because, what-no, and it can be a great adventure during your trip to Salzburg! Real casinos in Austria are a different story-they are usually considered respectable and even elite establishments. Online casinos are also in demand in Austria. Portal is very popular with many players for the unique bonuses that can be found on this site. Since Austria joined the European Union in 1995, the country had to give up (or at least weaken) its gambling monopoly. Former state-owned Casinos in Austria have been privatized. In General, several casinos still operate in Austria and are among the largest gambling companies in the world( of course, it is hardly possible to reach Las Vegas). Unlike the often dilapidated small bars with slot machines, the casino in Austria is aimed at a more adult and rich clientele ( as elsewhere, in fact). Casinos in the country can often be found in Palace buildings. There are two casinos of this kind in Salzburg.

One Of them is the “casino Salzburg” (Casino Salzburg), located in the Palace in the Rococo style, called Schloss Klessheim. The building was built during the reign of Archbishop Firmian, and the Palace has long been a separate attraction. The Palace, surrounded by beautiful English gardens, has repeatedly become a backdrop for Hollywood and European films. Spending an evening gambling in such a luxurious establishment is truly an unforgettable experience. The place is really unique, despite the fact that other casinos are also located in very beautiful buildings. The casino can be reached, for example, by s 2, S 3, S 4, S, S8 commuter train in the direction of Saalfelden ( to the station Salzburg Taxham Europark or to the Salzburg Liefering), from the city center about 25 minutes drive.

The second casino, “Casino Bad Gastein” (Casino bad Gastein) is located in the center of the town of the same name, the southern suburb of Salzburg. The building, which houses the casino, was built in 1907 in the art Nouveau style.By car, the journey from Salzburg to bad Gastein will take a little more than an hour, and by public transport, I’m afraid, will have to drag all two hours ( you have to take the station on the train REX 1500 in the direction of Innsbruck Hbf, then an hour to get to the station Schwarzach-St.Veit and from the station take the 550 bus towards Heilstollen via Bad Hofgastein-Bad Gastein-Böckste ( and drive another 40 minutes). Exit at the station Bad Gastein Mozartplatz-to the casino left to walk 5 minutes.

As with all casinos in Austria, an entry fee is required at these two establishments. To date, the contribution is 23 euros, and for this amount you get coupons ( tokens), which are equal to the value of 25 euros. You should play with these tokens. You can exchange them back for money only if the tokens were used in some game ( if you are lucky, of course, and the tokens will be in your hands). The casino hosts interesting and quite frequent events, such as” Ladies’ nights “(“Ladies ‘ nights”), when girls are given discounts on entrance and drinks, as well as small surprises (for example, a free glass of champagne). The casino can offer roulette, various card games, dice and slot machines. Visitors to the casino must be at least 18 years old have your passport. In theory, this age limit applies to gambling bars too, but it is not always respected, unlike casinos.